Crekav have submitted a new planning application for the playing fields on the Main Avenue behind St. Paul’s college in St. Anne’s park.  The application is largely unchanged from the original heavily opposed and ultimately withdrawn planning application, although the developer has added a number of additional units.  This time, they are seeking permission for 432 apartments in 8 and 5 storey blocks and 103 three storey houses, on an elevated site overlooking the Main Avenue of St. Anne’s.

If permission is granted, impacts across St. Anne’s will be immediate and catastrophic.  This land is surrounded on three sides by St. Anne’s park, which is part of the buffer zone for the UNESCO protected biosphere at North Bull Island.  Separated from the park by a fence, the playing fields at St. Paul’s form an integral part of St. Anne’s and consequently an integral part of this buffer zone.

This planning application is being processed by An Bord Pleanala, under a new temporary ‘fast track’ system.  The Bord’s decision will be final with no means of appeal.  If you do not want to see this development go ahead, it is vital that you submit an objection.

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