This is a photo of St. Anne’s Park where the Vincentian Fathers of St. Paul’s College recently sold their school playing fields (outlined in red) to Crekav Landbank Investments who have applied to Dublin City Council for permission to build 270 apartments in five 4 to 6 storey blocks, overlooking the park at All Saints Road and 86 houses running for almost a quarter kilometre along the Main Avenue.

This land is zoned Z15.  The primary purpose of Z15 zoning is to protect land in Dublin city which is in institutional and community use; so at best, this planning application might be considered speculative.

However, the Planning Department at Dublin City Council are obliged to fully consider this application and the planning process is now well underway.

In January 2016, DCC received a record 240 objections to this initial application and 280 objections to a subsequent amended application along with 4,600 petition signatures opposing this development.  The petition continues to grow.

If this planning application is approved, it will have a long term, knock-on effect across St. Anne’s.  This application is not simply about a residential development, it is about a fundamental change to the fabric of St. Anne’s which will have repercussions that are as yet unknown.

This land lies squarely within the confines of a public park, any building on this land concerns everyone who uses this park. 

If you have concerns about this development, please make your voice heard by contacting your public representatives or submitting an objection to the Planning Department of DCC, planning reference 4185/15 BEFORE the deadline of September 19th 2016.

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