The I Love St. Anne’s campaign was established in response to the sale of 15 acres of land, formerly in the ownership of the Vincentian Fathers and originally part of the St. Anne’s estate, to a property developer.

This land is unique on the north side of Dublin, lying as it does in the heart of the largest park in the stewardship of Dublin City  Council.  We are extremely concerned about the knock-on effects this speculative and opportunistic development will have on this park.  These 15 acres form part of an important historic estate. Rather than picking pieces out of it, we believe it should be preserved from encroaching development and sensitively developed for the continued enjoyment of future generations of Dubliners.

The I Love St. Anne’s campaign is entirely community-based, we count among our community all the citizens of Dublin who use St. Anne’s park.  We have been incredibly lucky to have the support of many professionals who are experts in the areas of  law, architecture, planning, PR, IT and who have given of their valuable time and expertise generously and freely and have made an enormous difference to this campaign.  We have also been lucky to have the support of so many individuals and small businesses who, at the start of this campaign,  printed flyers at their own expense and handed them out all over Clontarf, Killester and Raheny to raise awareness of this planning application.  Without them, this application may have slipped over the line unnoticed.  This campaign has collected almost 5,000 signatures and comments of support on our online petition, which continues to grow.

I Love St. Anne’s will continue to campaign against any residential development on the St. Paul’s playing fields which we believe should be protected as an integral part of the St. Anne’s demesne, regardless of who holds the title deeds.  We believe that if we stand together on this as a community, we WILL make a difference.

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